Friendship & Trust

Tomáš is the co-founder of MoroSystems. He founded his company in 2006 while still studying Computer Science at Brno University along with a small group of classmates. The group wanted to differ from other well-established companies in the market by operating under a set of principles and promises to their clients and employees: ​ To deliver what we promise; What we don't know, we will learn; We will listen and recommend to our customers rather than dictate and create dependency; A good reputation is worth more than gold; Quality is about results, not the number of hours worked; For a great job belongs a great reward; A team is more than an individual; Our colleagues will be our friends. Today MoroSystems counts 120 people. They develop software for Czech and world brands. Everything they do is based on their belief that people are born with different talents, intelligence and abilities, and only in non-selfish communities can people develop these talents to perfection. That is why at MoroSystems they create a friendly environment that encourages collaboration and open discussion. The values around which the company was built are still evident today. While no one knows what the future will bring, one thing is certain. MoroSystem will continue to strive to be a people-focused business built on friendships and trust.