INSP.EAT w/ Adam Katz Sinding (Le 21ème): Talent doesn’t matter if you don’t practice.

Adam Katz Sinding is a cult street fashion photographer. He runs "not a fu*king street style blog" Le 21ème ( and he recently released his first book - "This Is Not A F*cking Street Style Book". Adam travels more than 300 days a year around Fashion Weeks all over the world. Why is he constantly on the move rather than taking a day off? What keeps him being productive? Does he consider himself creative? I found out over some good raw vegan food during the Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week.

What is INSP.EAT? Conversations with inspiring people from street- and food culture about productivity, inspiration or creativity. Rather than talking in speed, we sit down, enjoy good food and turn "in speed" into "".
Tino Hrnčiar

Links to the stuff mentioned in the interview:

Photographers who inspire Adam:
Diane ArbusHenri Cartier-BressonHans FeurerViviane Sassen

Favorite movies:
The Life AquaticRevolutionary Road