INSP.EAT w/ Gary Vaynerchuk: How I got Gary Vaynerchuk as a mentor. And started executing right away

Gary Vaynerchuk had a keynote at a conference in Warsaw (Poland). I had tried everything to get an interview with for my INSP.EAT series over the weeks before the conference. No chance.

How I got to ask Gary Vaynerchuk a question? Actually, the very first question out of 1000 other people at the conference? And how I got an ultra fast mentoring from him about my streetwear brand? And first of all - how I executed the advice right away the next day in Warsaw? Check out the video!

Gary Vee has been my „virtual mentor“ for almost ten years. There is one thing about mentoring I got to understand thanks to him

The world is full of mentors but you have to stop looking for an excuse (or a mentor) and start executing.