INSP.EAT w/ Jase Harley: Great artists steal? Maybe great commercial artists, not the real artists

Interview at Forbidden Spot in Prague with Jase Harley. Who is Jase Harley? I met Jase a few weeks ago. A super-talented artist and an amazing musician. I was hooked to his music immediately. One week later, the whole hip-hop world was talking about Jase Harley. Why? One of the biggest hits of 2018 – Childish Gambino's „This is America“ sounds EXTREMELY similar to Jase's song „American Pharaoh“ – created in 2016.

Do we talk about this in the interview? Not really; INSP.EAT is not that much about sensations. We rather talk about creativity, inspiration, about Jase's philosophy of Urban Futurism. Why he doesn't agree with Picasso's „Good artists copy, great artists steal“? Check the video interview or listen to the podcast here.