INSP.EAT w/ MG: My inspiration is to create my own world.

MG Gilian is always on the go. It’s hard to keep track of his travels. He’s a b-boy with an MBA from university in Miami, who judges breakdancing competitions all over the world. He organises one of the biggest street dance festivals worldwide - The Legits Blast in Banská Bystrica. He’s also a co-owner of The Legits. You might have never heard of the brand, but if you ask any bboy anywhere in the world, there is a very little chance they wouldn’t know it.

What is INSP.EAT? Conversations with inspiring people from street- and food culture about productivity, inspiration or creativity. Rather than talking in speed, we sit down, enjoy good food and turn "in speed" into "".
Tino Hrnčiar